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Illustrator Tips & Tricks #7

Meet our seventh useful trick for Adobe Illustrator!
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You can see two kinds of interface of Adobe Illustrator: dark and light.

The Adobe Illustrator interface was not always dark. Everything was light in the version CS5 and earlier. You can change the appearance of the interface in the menu Edit > Preferences > User Interface (Ctrl+K). Use Brightness option.

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Draw a Dancing Town

Hello! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create dancing houses by brushes in Adobe Illustrator. The final of this tutorial will be funny summer illustration. Funky music picture for some party or other events :)

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Let's build several houses first. You can use basic shapes for this. Triangles, rectangles and others.

Three houses are enough. But you can create much more using such technique.

Then add colour to your houses. It will be great to create some cute details as a little bird on the roof.

Houses are ready! Now select one of them and drag and drop to the Brushes panel. Choose Art Brush type. Convert other houses into brushes the same way. Finally draw three curved lines. You can use Pen Tool (P) for this.

And apply new brushes to these lines. You will get dancing houses. Magic :)

You can use Width Tool (Shift+W) to make the roofs of the houses wide. Take the Width Tool (Shift+W) and pull the p…

Line Art Design - Adobe Illustrator Course

Do you want to master Line Art design? This Adobe Illustrator course by The Simple Designer is what you need. There are 10 tutorials from his YouTube channel here. You will learn to draw a lot of different things. Enjoy!

Course Plan:
1. Design A Yogurt Cup Illustrator Tutorial
2. Illustrator Tutorial : Dump Truck Line Art illustration
3. Illustrator Tutorial : Design a Backpack
4. Illustrator Tutorial : Design A Racing Car
5. Illustrator Tutorial : Design a Store Icon
6. Illustrator Tutorial : Design A Calendar Icon
7. Illustrator Tutorial : TV Stand Line Art
8. Illustrator Tutorial : Burger Time Line Art
9. Illustrator Tutorial : Design An Ice Cream Truck illustration
10. Illustrator Tutorial : Fishing Boat Illustration Design

Design A Yogurt Cup Illustrator TutorialIn this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we’ll create this cool yogurt couples illustration from scratch! We will use a fancy color scheme, and draw using the simple shapes the cups , we will also work with the Path Options and …

Free Scripts for Adobe Illustrator

There are ten very useful and interesting scripts for Adobe Illustrator. You can download them in this set. Just click on the title of the script or picture below. Wish you great creative experiments :)

Drag and drop the script file (JSX or JS) to the script folder of your Adobe Illustrator to install the script. Location of the script folder depends on your Adobe Illustrator version and system configuration.

For Windows:
C → Program Files → Adobe → Adobe Illustrator (your version) → Presets → en_GB → Scripts

For Macintosh:
Applications → Adobe → Adobe Illustrator (your version) → Presets → en_GB → Scripts

Then run Adobe Illustrator. You can find the script in the main menu File → Scripts.

You can also run the script without installation. Go to File → Scripts → Other Script (Ctrl+F12). Then open the script file on your computer.

Let's go!

Free Stock Master

Free Stock Master is a script for Adobe Illustrator which automatically prepares vector files for microstocks.

Extended Select


Create a Maniac Zombie with Basic Shapes and the Shape Builder Tool

In a today's tutorial we are going to draw a creepy zombie! It is a good character for beginners in Adobe Illustrator. The reason being is that zombies have lumps, bumps and body parts out of proportion, so you don't need to worry about it. One more reason to draw a zombie is it's Halloween. Let's get to it and stick with us as there is a cheeky surprise at the end!

Step 1
Let's start by drawing the head with the Ellipse Tool (L). With the Add Anchor Point Tool (+), add four points in between the points of the ellipse. Use the Direct Selection Tool (A) to move the points. You should get the shape of the head zombie. The green arrows in the diagram below illustrate the direction the points are moving.

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