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Hello! My name is Roman Volkov aka dacascas :)
I am graphic designer and for many years I have been working with Shutterstock. You can see my portfolio here - Roman Volkov on Behance

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May the Force be with you!

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Recent posts

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create Winter Background with Snowflakes

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a winter snowy background in Adobe Illustrator. All you’ll need are simple shapes to make snowflakes and Symbols panel.

You can find all Illustrator tutorials from my blog here → Ai tutorials

First of all you should create several components for your snowflakes. Use basic shapes for it. See the picture below. It is my kit for the snowflakes.

Now you need to make a reflection of the side elements. Use the right click > Transform > Reflect for it.

You should get such objects after reflections.

Attach the side elements to the base. Use the Align panel for centering. Group objects for convenience.

Making snowflakes. Attach the components to the center. Use right click > Transform > Reflect for copy again.

Then make rotation by the right click > Transform > Rotate. Set angle 45 degrees and click Copy.

You should get the result as in the picture.

Next press Ctrl+D two times to finish the snowflake.

You can delete some extra parts…

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Portrait in Pop Art Style

In this Illustrator tutorial we will learn how to create a vector portrait in Pop Art style. We will use the Appearance panel and Halftone Swatch Library. To perform this tutorial, you can use any photo or sketch, so why not make a self-portrait in the Pop Art style? Let's get started!

You can see all Illustrator tutorials from my blog by the link → CLICK HERE

I took the image of the werewolf as you can see. First of all you should drag and drop you sketch or photo to the Illustrator. Make the layer a template. Create a new layer for drawing.

Take the Pen Tool (P) and draw the picture using the template. You can draw by Pencil Tool (N) or Paintbrush Tool if you have graphic tablet.

Next delete the Template layer. We do not need it anymore.

You can make different thickness of the lines using the Width Tool (Shift+W) or Art Brushes.

Select all Ctrl+A and go to the menu Object > Expand Appearance (Expand). You should expand all paths to the simple shapes. Then click Unite (Add) b…

How to Draw 3D Cup in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to draw 3d pictures in this Illustrator tutorial. I will explain how I made this 3D cup with funny smile sticker. This tutorial will cover on how to 3D effects in Adobe Illustrator works. Hope you like it and find it interesting.

You can see all Illustrator tutorials from my blog by the link → CLICK HERE

Create new document (Ctrl+N) with dimensions 500x500 px. Color Mode is RGB. Take the Pen Tool (P) and draw the cup profile.

Use any color for Fill.

Go to the menu Effect > 3D > Revolve. Set the options as in the image below. If you can't see all settings click More Options in the window.

You will get such shape after the effect.

Now we need work with shadow inside the cup. Draw the ellipse with gradient fill.

Go to the Transparency panel and set Multiply blending mode. And you can change the Opacity to 70%.

Next draw the handle. We need little circle for it.

Go to the meny Effect > 3D > Revolve. Set the options. Check Preview to see all transformations on the…