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Hello! My name is Roman Volkov aka dacascas :)
I am graphic designer and for many years I have been working with Shutterstock. You can see my portfolio here - Roman Volkov on Behance

Shutterstock is a global marketplace for artists and creators to sell images, footage, vectors and illustrations. Shutterstock helps to earn money to designers, photographers and other creative people. Do you want sell your design on Shutterstock? You can sign up using my referral link if you want to say THANK YOU for cool tutorials and useful articles from this blog.

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May the Force be with you!

Alice Achterhof
Recent posts

New Script Free Magic Isometry

Hello! This is the new script for isometry lovers - Free Magic Isometry. The script turn any flat object to isometric projections. You can set the angle and choose right, left and top projections. Common angles: 26.57º for 2:1 isometric projections and 30º for true isometric projections.

You may free download Magic Isometry script on mai-tools website:

This is the first version of the script. So if you want advanced version leave your ideas in comments on facebook: Magic Isometry Upgrade

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How to Create Graphic Style for Retro Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Hello! Mike on the air 😊
In this tutorial we will create a retro illustration. The design of a typography looks a bit complicated, but in reality it is quite simple and is done in a few short steps. So without further ado let's get down to work.

Create a document (425*300px) then create a rectangle 425*300 px of color(1), add a 3px stroke of color(2) and align stroke to inside.

Then we will create typography. I am using font american captain(131 px). Create typography and align it horizontally and vertically to the center.

Now we will make some steps to give our typography a retro-look. First of all make a copy of your type and place it somewhere. It will be needed, if something goes wrong with your main type. Now right click on your type and create outlines. Then go to object -> compound path -> make. Converting to compound path is needed in order to edit all pieces of type simultaneously. By now your type has to have no stroke and no filling at all.

Go to appearance…

Stock Master Pro Script Update

Hello! Today I present new Stock Master Pro script for Ai which prepares and exports vector illustrations for microstocks automatically. There are many improvements in the new version. Have a look at the video to know more about Stock Master Pro script.

What’s inside:
- Batch processing;
- Settings for scanning a file;
- Automatic mistakes fixing;
- Saving as EPS, Ai, JPEG, PNG;
- Sizes for all file types;
- Set directory for saving;
- Multi-Artboard file support;
- Emergency stop;
- Compatibility Adobe Illustrator CC, CS6 (Windows and Mac);

Batch processing is available in new version of Stock Master Pro. The script can processed several files from one folder. Press the Batch button and select the folder with your files. File formats might be Ai, EPS, SVG, PDF (vector files).

Stock Master Pro 👉
User Guide 👉

You can see full list of technical requirements for microstocks here: How to Prepare and Save Vector Files for Microstocks.

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Six Useful Tricks for Adobe Illustrator

Hello! There are 6 useful tricks for Illustrator from Adobe YouTube channel.

📌 How to Make Color Variations in Illustrator.
📌 How to Make a New Character Pose with Adobe Illustrator.
📌 How to Make a Die-Cut Sticker with Adobe Illustrator.
📌 How to Create a Logo in Illustrator.
📌 How to Make 3D Lettering in Illustrator.
📌 How to Make a Linocut Look with Adobe Illustrator.

See another tips and tricks by this link → CLICK HERE

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Xpiks - Free Keywording & Uploading Tool

Xpiks is a free and open source keywording and uploading tool for microstockers. You can upload photos, vectors and videos by Xpiks. Mission of Xpiks is to provide microstock photographers and illustrators with free tool for everyday work over all major platforms as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Xpiks provided FTP upload to predefined or custom hosts. XMP/IPTC/EXIF metadata editing. Support of StarDict dictionaries for translation. Auto completion of words in English. Extensive filtering and search though local files. Keywords suggestion based on services from Shutterstock, Fotolia and iStock or local library. Checks for potential problems before upload such as insufficient resolution, missing metadata etc. Spellchecking, autocorrection and semantical duplicates detection. And other useful features.

You can free download Xpiks here CLICK ME

See more information on the official website

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How to Draw a Rainbow in Adobe Illustrator

Hello! New useful trick for Adobe Illustrator is ready.
See all tips and tricks by this link → CLICK HERE

Do you know how to make a rainbow in Adobe Illustrator? It's easy! Just apply a Gradient to a Stroke and rainbow is ready.

1. Make the ellipse.
2. Cut in half with Scissors Tool (C).
3. Apply the Linear Gradient to a stroke with rainbow colors.

You should make the stroke thicker. And you can use Width Tool (Shift+W) to get the perspective rainbow.

You can change order of the colors with Reverse Gradient by the way.

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Create a Security Guilloche Vector Ornament in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a security Guilloche ornament. This decorative engraving technique that is typically used in banknote design and other documents to prevent them from being forged. We will use simple trick to create the Guilloche. And you will get intricate ornament fast and easy.

You can find all Illustrator tutorials from my blog here → Ai tutorials

First of all you need to download mirror templates: Magic Wheel or Live Mirror.

There are a lot of AIT files. Open one of them - Live-Mirror-Template-24.

You can see a lot of sectors with sample text. Delete this text and draw something. You will get a copy in each sector. So you should draw a circle in the center for our Guilloche.

You will get a copy of the smaller circle. Next go to the menu Effect > Distort & Trunsform > Pucker & Bloat. And you will get the circular ornament.

Guilloche is ready! But you can experiment. Move the circle to the side a little bit.

And you can see how the Guill…