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Hello! My name is Roman Volkov aka dacascas :) I am graphic designer and for many years I have been working with Shutterstock. You can see my portfolio here - Roman Volkov on Behance Shutterstock is a global marketplace for artists and creators to sell images, footage, vectors and illustrations. Shutterstock helps to earn money to designers, photographers and other creative people. Do you want sell your design on Shutterstock? You can sign up using my referral link if you want to say THANK YOU for cool tutorials and useful articles from this blog. click this link → If you need some great design from Shutterstock you can register as a customer using next link: click this link → Other referral links: Dreamstime → May the Force be with you! Alice Achterhof
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New Script for Fast Redesign

Hello! Today I want to present new Adobe Illustrator script Similar Maker Light! Replace objects in one click. Shuffle all randomly. Move objects from place to place. Do all these tasks automatically with Similar Maker. See the video to know how script works πŸ‘‰ Similar Maker Light script for Adobe Illustrator. Similar Maker Light features: – There are three functions: Replace, Random, Move. – Rotation and reflection available. – Operates like a panel in Ai. – The script is fast and easy to use. – Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Windows, Mac. Go to mai-tools website for more info πŸ‘‰ click here

Adobe Illustrator Basics Training Course

This is very easy and affordable free Illustrator training course which I created specifically for beginners. Try it if you are interested to learn Adobe Illustrator. There are 11 lessons in the course. Each tutorial will take 10-30 minutes. You will be able to learn the basic fundamental techniques very fast. If you running Adobe Illustrator first time you can find description of all functions and tools in the INTRODUCTION TO ILLUSTRATOR. Adobe Illustrator Basics Training Course is absolutely free. But you can donate here if you like it. Feel free ask questions. Let's begin! Course Plan: First steps in Adobe Illustrator In this first tutorial we will create the heart icon using basic shapes and simple tricks in Adobe Illustrator. READ MORE Tools for drawing in Adobe Illustrator We will draw a cute girl character in a flat style using simple shapes. Rectangles, ellipses and triangles. And add the text finally. READ MORE Colorizing and working with shapes in Adobe

Smart Isometry Script for Adobe Illustrator

Magic Isometry Light is a script for Adobe Illustrator which simplifies the creation of isometric images. Isometry has never been easier with this new smart tool. This script can create isometric top, left and right projections. Magic Isometry Light script has Symmetry, Mount and Make All functions for faster operation and assembly of isometric objects. You can turn back isometric object using Reverse function. See the video πŸ‘‰ Magic Isometry Light script for Adobe Illustrator. Magic Isometry Light features: – Turns flat objects to isometric projection with any angle. – Operates like a panel in Ai and has compact interface. – Mount Function to combine isometric projections properly. – Make All Function to create isometry by one click. – Symmetry Function for fast symmetry creation. – Reverse Function to turn back isometry to flat. – Arrows to move objects in the isometric system of axes. – Coefficient W for width adjust. – Isometric Grid Templates files included. – Has o

New Script Free Magic Isometry

Hello! This is the new script for isometry lovers - Free Magic Isometry. The script turn any flat object to isometric projections. You can set the angle and choose right, left and top projections. Common angles: 26.57ΒΊ for 2:1 isometric projections and 30ΒΊ for true isometric projections. You may free download Magic Isometry script on mai-tools website: This is the first version of the script. So if you want advanced version leave your ideas in comments on facebook: Magic Isometry Upgrade If you like this article, please leave a comment here or share! You may also thank me using referral links → CLICK HERE [Ru]

How to Create Graphic Style for Retro Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Hello! Mike on the air 😊 In this tutorial we will create a retro illustration. The design of a typography looks a bit complicated, but in reality it is quite simple and is done in a few short steps. So without further ado let's get down to work. Create a document (425*300px) then create a rectangle 425*300 px of color(1) , add a 3px stroke of color(2) and align stroke to inside. Then we will create typography. I am using font american captain(131 px) . Create typography and align it horizontally and vertically to the center. Now we will make some steps to give our typography a retro-look. First of all make a copy of your type and place it somewhere. It will be needed, if something goes wrong with your main type. Now right click on your type and create outlines. Then go to object -> compound path -> make . Converting to compound path is needed in order to edit all pieces of type simultaneously. By now your type has to have no stroke and no filling at all.

Stock Master Pro Script Update

Hello! Today I present new Stock Master Pro script for Ai which prepares and exports vector illustrations for microstocks automatically. There are many improvements in the new version. Have a look at the video to know more about Stock Master Pro script. What’s inside: - Batch processing; - Settings for scanning a file; - Automatic mistakes fixing; - Saving as EPS, Ai, JPEG, PNG; - Sizes for all file types; - Set directory for saving; - Multi-Artboard file support; - Emergency stop; - Compatibility Adobe Illustrator CC, CS6 (Windows and Mac); Batch processing is available in new version of Stock Master Pro. The script can processed several files from one folder. Press the Batch button and select the folder with your files. File formats might be Ai, EPS, SVG, PDF (vector files). Links: Stock Master Pro πŸ‘‰ User Guide πŸ‘‰ You can see full list of technical requirements for microstocks here: How to Prepare and Save Vector Files for Microsto

Six Useful Tricks for Adobe Illustrator

Hello! There are 6 useful tricks for Illustrator from Adobe YouTube channel. πŸ“Œ How to Make Color Variations in Illustrator. πŸ“Œ How to Make a New Character Pose with Adobe Illustrator. πŸ“Œ How to Make a Die-Cut Sticker with Adobe Illustrator. πŸ“Œ How to Create a Logo in Illustrator. πŸ“Œ How to Make 3D Lettering in Illustrator. πŸ“Œ How to Make a Linocut Look with Adobe Illustrator. See another tips and tricks by this link → CLICK HERE If you like this article, please leave a comment here or share! You may also thank me using referral links → CLICK HERE [Ru]